Ruben's Flooring Co.
We are experts in hardwood floor
installation, repairs, sanding,
refinished, reconstructed corner
blocks, and much more about
hardwood floors. We do any kind of
stain into a floor on customer
preference. Our goal is to leave our
customers satisfied with our job
Call Ruben's Flooring.
Monday to Saturday:
9:00am to 5:30pm.
Ruben's Flooring. Free estimates. For us, the most important thing is our customers satisfaction.
We have many types of finish. We have
oil base, water base, moisture cure, and
tung oil. We also do wax for your floors.
Why hardwood floors?
Beauty that lasts a lifetime....
A company that guarantees its
work.... Ruben's Flooring Co.
Let our service speak for
Ruben's Flooring Co.