Wood floor finish products. It is important to choose
the right finish, because it gives the wood an
attractive color and elegance. We offer finishes: an
oil-modified polyurethane and a water-based
polyurethane. Also, we do wax for your floors.

Oil-modified polyurethane is the most common
surface finish, and is fairly easy to apply. Over
time, it will darken the color of the floor.

Water-based finishes are water-born urethanes that
dry by water evaporation. They are clear, dry in
three hours,and you can walk friendly, and virtually
odor free, water-based polyurethane is also usually
more expensive.

Moisture-cure finish is ideal for use in gyms,
kitchens, halls, and other high traffic areas of the
home. We routinely apply a moisture-cure finish on
restaurants and bars with high glossy shine that
takes longer to fade than water based finishes. And,
also regular moisture-cure finish for extra durability.

We offer custom staining to match the color of
other floors in your home.
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