We do all types of hardwood floors. We install
unfinished floors. We also perform every type of
installation, including nail down (into plywood
sub floor, glue down over concrete), and
floating installations (over any necessary repair
prior to installation, such as leveling of sub
floors, repairing or replacing repairs). We are
expert repairmen and can do any type of repair
on hardwood floors. We rebuild existing border
repair work that blends into your existing
floors. Ruben's Flooring guarantees our work.
Repairs, install, sanding, and refinished
We repair all kinds of hardwood floors. We
do not just replace damaged pieces in a floor
but to restore the floor to its original
appearance. Our job is to make the customer
Ruben's Flooring. Free estimates. For us, the most important thing is our customers satisfaction.
Ruben's Flooring Co.
We have many types of finish. We have
oil base, water base, moisture cure,
tung oil, also we do wax for your floors
Let our service speak for
Why hardwood floors?
Beauty that lasts a lifetime....
A company that guarantees its
work.... Ruben's Flooring Co.